Zvia Ben-Ami

My name is Zvia and I live in Haifa, Israel. Since my youth, I remember myself as a handmade designer, and my obsession to create things grew through the passing years. I have graduated the “Technion” Technological Institution located at Haifa, in the external studies – 3 years of studying graphic design.

Furthermore, I’ve studied 1 year drawing in Haifa University. I’m acquainted to the use of some materials as: Glass beads, Polymer clay, fibers, silk drawing, knitting, Mosaic and embroidery.

For the last ten years, I enjoy designing jewelry, using the finest materials as gemstones, Swarovski crystals and pearls. I love to try using new materials and beads which assist me in expressing my passion to create jewelry. Therefore I’m always in an endless search to find something new in the craft market. Lately, I was exposed to the new beads from the Czech Republic and some Japanese beads.

It’s really amazing how many options of beading we have, and I’m excited towards my future designs using those beads.

You’re invited to visit my Etsy shop in which I exhibit my jewelry and beading tutorials.
Link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/zviagil?ref=pr_shop_more