Wirewrapping Beads Bangle Tutorial by Lan Anh

Here’s our weekly dose of DIY jewelry making tutorials! This time we’re going to hone our wirewrapping skills and create a bangle, by Lan Anh.

Lan Anh started making wire jewelry in 2011 and just like how most of us started, she learned and got ideas from the internet and by adding her own imagination to her designs, she’s created beautiful handmade jewelry that she soon decided to sell. She was so happy to receive praises and encouragement from her work so after a while, she decided to share skills by creating video tutorials.

Today, we’re going how to learn how to wrap beads with wire, twist and create a beautiful bangle. Read more…

Materials needed:
18 gauge: 17cm
24 gauge: 2 x 60cm
stone or beads diameter 6mm
Step 1:
With your 18ga wire, make a loop at one end using your round nose pliers.
Step 2:
Fold the 2 pc 24ga wire in half and wrap just below the loop.
Step 3:
Slide a bead.

Step 4:
Wrap 1 set of 24ga wire once just below the bead going towards you. Do the same for the other set of 24ga wire, but this time in opposite direction and then repeat wrapping the wires 1 more time.
Step 5:
Repeat Step 3 & 4 until you reach your desired length.
Step 6:
Cut the excess wires and flatten with flat nose pliers.
Step 7:
Create a loop at the end of the bracelet.
Step 8:
Use a round object to bend and form a bracelet.
Step 9: Create a clasp or buckle using 2.5cm x 18ga wire. Attach the loop of the clasp onto the loop of the bracelet and you’re done!

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