Wireworking Tips for Adding Texture to a Wire Jewelry Design

Most often when we hear about making wire jewelry the first thing that comes to our minds is wirewrapping and making loops. Well, that’s not all in making wire jewelry. Here’s one simple technique, yet very effective that you can do to add texture to a wire jewelry – making zigzags! Here’s how Antonietta Vitullo of AtelierMediterraneo created a zigzag using 18ga round wire.

First, using the width of your flat nose pliers as measurement create a wide angle of about 135 degrees.

wire jewelry

Start making your zigzag, keeping an inclination of 90 degrees every time you bend the wire.

wire jewelry

Continue making zigzag until you reach your desired length.

wire jewelry

Now, it’s time to incorporate your zigzag wire into your design. For AtelierMediterraneo, she attached the zigzag wire onto two wires and used them as a base where she can lay and attach beads.

wire jewelry

…and the final result – a beautiful Ester Bracelet!

wire jewelry

My name is Antonietta, I’m Italian and I live in the North of my country, not far from Switzerland and France. I’m a creative person and an artist. My life and my thoughts are constantly filtered by my own creativity and my personal way.

I worked as a restorer for several years, then, in 2010, when I decided I would have stayed at home to take care of the family, I discovered this new burning passion for making jewelry and home decorations with wire.

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