Wire Bracelet Making Jewelry Tutorial

Wear a bracelet that’s simple, yet elegant looking and something that can easily be created in different colors. The Florets Wire Bracelet Making jewelry tutorial is a where you’ll learn how to make a circle frame to house a round gem. The sides are wire wrapped pearls that created a flower and added that feminine look. With black and white combination the bracelet really looks elegant!

Materials Needed:
20ga Craft wire
28ga Craft wire
4mm pearl
15mm Round Flat Back Sew On Gems
Hook for clasp
Jump rings

Step 1:
Cut 6-inch 20ga wire and make a loop on one end. Bring up your mandrel. At a size 4.25 on the mandrel make a half circle.
Then with the extended, wire make a loop about the same size as that of your 1st loop. Put it back on the mandrel and continue to make the full circle at size 4.25.
Now, secure the circle by wrapping the wire just below the 1st loop. Cut the excess wire. Now, because you wrapped the wire you will notice that the circle will get or might get smaller. Put the circle back into the mandrel and push hard until it reaches size 4.25 on the mandrel. If it slightly surpass 4.25 it’s okay. The circle will not get too big because it will tighten and won’t slide if it reaches it’s maximum size. You can test and see if the gem will fit. The circle should be slightly bigger than the gem.
Step 2:
Cut 10-inch 28ga wire. Wrap at least 3x one end of the wire onto the circle. Bring up your pearls and wrap 3 pearls, 1 pearl at a time and then attach your gem. Flat back sew on gems has holes so you need to pass the wire thru the hole then go over the wire and wrap once. Continue wrapping. Cut any excess wires. You now have 1 component. Set aside and create as many as needed to form a bracelet. For a 7-inch bracelet, including the clasp you need at least 6 of these components.
Step 3:
Link the components using jump rings. Use the loop from the last component for the hook.
Copyright 2017
Please do not distribute, lend or copy.
Do not mass produce.

Happy jewelry making!

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