Wire Art Jewelry – The Art of Making Real Jewelry without soldering

Wire art jewelry is the oldest technique in jewelry making and had been introduced maybe 1000 years ago. You can create almost anything with wire art techniques from simple ring to bolder bracelet.

As a teacher myself, this art teaches me to be creative in creating more beautiful and wonderful jewelry.

For basic, you can learn how to make a spiral, caging, headpin, hammering, oxidizing etc. After you master the basic techniques you can upgrade yourself by learning coiling techniques that are used to connect frames. The master techniques are the woven and textile techniques that look alike textile pattern that can be used to add interesting design in wire art.

Become a master of wire jewelry yourself. Explore and learn tutorials from beginners, intermediate to advanced wire art jewelry projects with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine issues focused on wire art jewelry.


DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #28 – In this month’s issue, we bring to you tutorials that will aid your craving for learning wire jewelry! These tutorials will satisfy your hunger for wire jewelry and the best thing is that these techniques are equipped with clear instructions for you to follow! Read more…

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #40 – In this month’s issue, we bring to you beautiful wire jewelry tutorials for you to have fun with wires! Wirework and wire wrapping is known to be one of the oldest methods to make handmade jewelry. When making wire jewelry you don’t need a lot of materials because only wire is the main material, but having the right tools is essential to make wire jewelry a fun experience. Have some fun with these wire jewelry tutorials today! Read more…

DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #54 – Inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #54 are 8 wire jewelry tutorials that you’ll surely fell in love with. You’ll learn how to make fashionable dangling earrings, pendants, accessories and rings. Plus, you’ll get to know more about our featured author, Kasia! Read more…

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