Vitalija Velyviene

My story begins in Las Vegas… Never thought I will be making jewelry until visited the Liberace museum in 2006. I saw many beautifully embroidered costumes by Swarovski, beads, stones… Can’t believe all beauty I saw! And then I start dreaming…what if I’ll try to go to beading competition with no skills at all? It was funny to win a silver medal with a very first embroidered Santa :))) Good success from beginning pushed me forward to go this way. I fell in love from the very first bead, from the very first Liberace costume I saw.

The semi-precious stones, Swarovski, amber, beads are my passion right now and forever! I creating and making jewelry by myself, I do teaching the others, going to different shows and very much enjoying this life! My device is to live with open eyes to all beauty in this world, work with passion and love and make people happy! A short but true story about me.