In the idyllic German Westerwald countryside in the midst of fields, meadows and forests the Christ family
lives in a village with a bit more then 500 people. When Verena together with mother Vera moved into
her husbands house 25 years ago his peace and quiet was suddenly gone.

“Two women, three cats, a dog and hundreds of teddy bears transformed the immaculate household into
a terrible disorder, “laughs Verena Greene-Christ, “but my husband took it with a lot of humor.”

The trained florist has always worked creatively with many different media. In 1989 the born German
Verena Greene-Christ returned to Germany after living in the States for 10 years. Together with her
mother and later with her husband she started their “bear career.” First at small hobby and doll markets
then at bear fairs they presented their teddies to the public. After an appearance on the german TV show
“ZDF-Fernsehgarten” it was over with the idyllic peace. A contract with the German toy company sigikid
followed, where Verena worked as a freelance designer for many years.

“At first the people in our village probably laughed about me. Teddy bears are not really the regular daily
branch of trade around here. After a while customers or friends who asked for the bear people didn´t
have trouble getting directions.” Siegfried Christ started also into this unknown and unusual trade. All
three of them went to exhibitions all around Europe. In 1994 their supply company SINA-BEARS

“It started at a dinner after one show. Several bear artists asked us why we wouldn´t open a wholesale
company.” Verena laughs when she thinks about those first few decisions. “We decided spontaneously to
work with a British weaving mill and to order mohair for resale. Three days later we were sitting in an
airplane and returned with an order of six rolls of mohair. We were unbelievably excited and proud.” The
first catalog was a small page with the six different types of mohair and some accessories. After only a
short time the team presented its wholesale and retail products in an extensive catalog. The mail-order
business was operated by the couple with all their energy, but in February ´01 they closed after almost
seven years.

In her two-year editorship activity with the magazine TEDDY & CO readers became acquainted with
Verena Greene Christ as a critical and fair observer of the teddy scene. She presented bear artists, brought
the bear making business to the hobby artists and reported on novelties, show happenings and current
dates. Verena knows the `szene´ in and out by heart, knows many of the artists as well as newcomers. For
a long time she now atill works as an editor for the Teddy magazine `BaerReport´ in Cologne.


With the attempt to get German and European bear artists to exhibit in the USA the Christ family found a lot of interest in Germany. They started to organize these trips. The “GETA-Tour” did not need to be advertised for – most often it was sold out up to one year in advance. The tour always had up to sixteen European bear artists and collectors which went to shows in Washington or Baltimore.

“We always had a lot of fun. The journeys were supposed to be business and fun for all
and also an experience.”

In the late 1990s Verena was offered a new position in a wholesale company and
discovered beads. A new passion made its way from then on. Soon this company, which
at first sold mainly Lampwork beads, opened a shop in Kronberg near Frankfurt. For
some years handmade Czech beads were offered here and distributed to German shops.
After a few years the shop and the company closed. Verena together with her co-worker
reopened the shop, continued selling beads and giving workshops. Taking care of her
mother forced her to leave the bead shop. She found a new job as an editor with the
bead magazine “Perlen Poesie” which she enjoyed for several years.

Today she works for the “Perlenkunstmesse”, a German bead fair which takes place
once a year in Hamburg, taking care of international artists exhibiting there. She still is
an editor for the German Teddy magazine “BaerReport”. But beads are Verenas priority
passion. She develops new designs which she offers as tutorials, cooperates with Czech
bead companies and cannot let go of those little precious glass beads.

„Beads are addictive! In my second life I stumbled over them, now they’ve got me and I
‘m happy if this results in something beautiful.”

Facebook: Verena Greene-Christ