Types of Earrings

For a female, young or adult, wearing earrings signifies womanhood. It is like an identification card for females. Nowadays, even infants have their ears pierced at a very early age and wear earrings to easily identify that they are females. Earrings bring out the grace and beauty of a female. It somehow enhances her personality and the beauty of her face.

In some countries, wearing earrings is a part of their religion and culture. In some tribes, earrings signify leadership, but in general, earrings are a fashion statement worn by females.

There are now varieties of earrings in the market but what are the common types of earrings?

image by Baltic Domini

Stud Earrings is a classic style and probably, all women have and wear it every day as the stud is the simplest form of earrings.

A stud earring is small but the facade of the earring can come in different sizes. It is perfect for women with short hair.

Stud earring is like a nail with a stopper or backing to secure.


A hoop earring is a circular shape that may come in different sizes. Nowadays, bigger and bigger hoop earrings have become popular in the fashion industry. Different shapes are also available, oblong, square and triangles.


Drop earrings, as the name suggest is a piece of earring that seems to have dropped down or extended from the earlobe. The drop is stationary. Some women wear a series of drop earrings vertically hanging and just like the hoop earrings, some hang very, very low from the earlobe. The lengthly the drop is, the more fashionable it is.


Just like Drop Earrings, Dangles hang low from the earlobe but are moving freely and swinging back and forth while hanging. A dangle is a versatile style. Various designs for dangle earrings are unlimited.


A Chandelier earring is similar to Drop earrings that are freely moving, swinging back and forth. The difference is the design. Chandelier earrings are composed of multiple levels, usually, in three levels with drop beads hanging at the base of the earrings. Because of the multiple levels, Chandeliers are fancy in style and appearance.


In appearance, Huggie earrings are very similar to Hoop earrings but Huggie is worn more closely to the earlobe. The locks and how to secure a Huggie is also similar to Hoop earrings.


Teardrop earrings are a variation of Dangle earrings but in the shape of a teardrop.


Fish Hook earrings got its name from the fish hook used for fishing. Unlike most earrings, this type of earring has no lock or backing. To wear it, you only have to hook it into your earlobe. The other end has a small loop that you can use to hang or connect a jewel. You can use it to create a teardrop, a drop earring and even a chandelier earring.


Leverback, on the other hand, is a fish hook earrings style but with locks at the back to help secure on the earlobe. When locked it then takes the shape of a full loop.

I’m sure there many other varieties and styles of earrings. Choose whatever makes you feel happy, confident and beautiful wearing them.

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