Tutorial: Jewel In A Little Basket

2 pieces of 26cm long 21 ga (0.7mm) round
copper wire.
-1 pair of ear wires.
– 2 pieces of approximately 6
cm long 21 ga
(0.7mm) round soft copper wire.
– 2 pieces of 6mm
faceted gemstones or round


Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliersStep 1:
Prepare a 26cm length of copper wire. Put a mark
at the centre of the wire ie 13cm from the end.

Step 2:
Use a round nose pliers, place the wires at the tip
of the pliers and curl the wire as shown in picture.


Step 3:
Twist the wire and form a loop. The loop will be
used a s the base to form a spiral.
Step 4:
Hold the wire with your round nose pliers.
Step 5:
Begin to bend by turning the wrist of
your right hand downward to form the coil. This is
coordinated with your left hand that pulls the wire
You may hold the spiral at different angle to help
shape the spiral.
Step 6:
Continue twisting the spiral until you rea ch the
centre of the wire you place the mark at step 1.
Hint: Do not pull the spiral too close to each
Step 7:
Repeat the same at the other end of the wire.
Make sure the second spiral is of the opposite
direction of the first spiral. The 2 coils meet at
the centre that look like a S shape.
Step 8:
Use your fingers to push the spirals outward to
form a ‘bowl’.
Step 9:
Now slowly bend the 2 spirals toward one another
until they are sitting at right angles.
Step 10:
Use your fingers to form the ‘bowl’ shape of the
second ring.

Step 11:
Now insert the bead back to the ‘bowl’.
Step 12:
Push the two halves together. You will need to
space the wires evenly with the flat nose pliers.
Step 13:
Now we are ready to form the loops at the top
and bottom of the cage. Thread a 6cm wires thru
the centre of the spiral at the top, through the
bead’s hold and come out from the other end of
the spiral.
To make a small loop, leave about 1cm of wires.
Step 14:
Use your flat nose pliers and press the wire to 90
degree as shown in picture.
Step 15:
Use the round nose pliers and make a loop.
Step 16:
Turn to the other side of the spiral and leave
about 8mm of wire. Form a loop using your round
nose pliers.
Step 17:
Reopen the loop slightly and place a ear wire into
the loop. Close the loop.
Step 18:
Repeat step 1 to 18 for the second earrings.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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