Tubular Beading Patterns with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine

Create 8 new jewelry with tubular beading patterns

Come on and learn to make more jewelry to add on to your collection or to give away to your friends and family!

In this month’s issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we bring you tubular and beaded rope beading patterns for creating your jewelry! You will tubular netting, tubular herringbone, tubular right angle weave, Dutch spiral and bead crochet and with these techniques, you’ll be making earrings, bracelets and necklaces!

All tutorials are presented with by step images showing each design stage. There’s something for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill level. Images are also supported by well-written instructions to help you, not only create your own jewelry but also to understand the process. Learning the tips and tricks that our Contributing Artists has shared will help you apply them in your own designs.

Here are tutorials inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #52!

Meet our Contributors!

Debbie Patel

I’ve always loved crafts and always will. My favorite is beadweaving. I’ve discovered that I can share my love of jewelry making through tutorials. Making new designs fuels my soul and satisfies my need to create and be productive. There is no better feeling than seeing the smile of someone who receives an original handcrafted piece of jewelry. My beading tutorials make this possible! Read more…

Sibel McColm

I design and make beaded jewellery, create original designs and sell tutorials for other beaders to use worldwide. I attended many Jewellery Making Courses by top Designers, both American and British, and sold my designs through well know shops, some of which are Bristol Guild and Luna in Clevedon. I also wrote a small article about ‘Turning my Hobby into a Business’ published by Onion Custard Publishing in Cardiff.  Read more…

Riana Olckers

My journey with seed bead weaving started in 1998. I dabbled in various crafts and it was only when I started playing with seed beads, that I found my calling. Sharing my love for beads with students, led to my Master classes in peyote, herringbone, and right angle weave techniques. I teach the teachers and they can spread the joy of bead work even further. My work featured in the BeadWork magazine, Bead&Button and local craft magazines. Peyote stitch is my favorite stitch. Read more…
Natalia Savastano My favorite techniques are bead weaving with beads, crystals and semi-precious stones, wire wrapping, metal art, scrapbooking and many other techniques. I love photography too: through it, I can make a moment indelible that would otherwise go unnoticed. Read more…

Elena Komina

My passion for beading began in early childhood when my grandmother gave me my first lessons in needlework. Since then, I always learn something, improve my skills, try new techniques and experimenting. I love to play with colors and forms, combining different styles and create, create, create. Read more…

Ieva Bambale

How did it start or to be more precise restarted my childhood’s hobby? Quite simply, holidays, rainy weather and I found long time ago purchased small packet of seed beads in a drawer chest.I tried to create something but then I searched on the Internet and found some simple beading techniques. I started with the one that I liked, and the result you can see in the gallery of my website. Now I am passionate about color combinations and I am gradually challenging myself with new beading techniques that I like. Each peice of item I create as I like it, they are not made just for making and selling, they are unique with some exceptions when customers order copies. Each piece of jewelry is patiently made and the result is good and people like it as well as I do. Read more…
Ruth Kiel
I’ve been designing for 25 years now, and I’m addicted to beads more than ever! I find small beads and crystals incredibly inspiring to use as building materials. There are many bead-weaving ideas that I have not fully explored yet, and this is one of the reasons why I stick with 3D techniques. I see lots of opportunity for experimentation and discovery. Read more…

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