Svetlana Zoubkov

I am a self-taught jewelry artist with a background in music and graphic design. I discovered beads when I wanted to fix one of my very first pearl necklaces. Exploring online options to purchase beads, I wondered if I could use them as a media to express art forms.

Later I began working with beads when I started making ballroom dance costumes for my daughter when she participated in national ballroom competitions. At the same time, I started creating jewelry for myself and custom order necklaces for sale.

Moving from New York to Vancouver, Washington made it possible to devote more time to learning new techniques and designing beadwork.
In 2014 I launched www.Svetlana.Gallery, and it has been a fantastic journey ever since. Creating beading patterns and writing for my blog has become my passion most of the people call “job”. I write tutorials, draw diagrams, make videos, and share design ideas online. I like all aspects of it!
Also, in 2014, I started participating in local art fairs and learning more about the business side of beadwork creativity. Most of my jewelry tutorials are also bestselling designs. I want my students not only enjoy weaving a design but also achieve financial freedom when it comes to supporting their hobby.

I primarily work with seed beads and natural stones, but I also like using fabric or other materials exploring new possibilities and ideas. I receive inspiration for my designs from fine art, fashion, nature, and graphic design.