Submit a Handmade Jewelry Giveaway

After some testing by sponsoring my tutorial as a giveaway, I can confirm that giveaways are a cheap and effective tool to draw traffic to the website. It is a win-win-win situation for bloggers, readers and sponsors. So now I would like to offer our blog, DIY Jewelry Making to be the host to accept and announce your handmade jewelry giveaways to help you promote your business!

How are you going to benefit from the sponsoring a giveaway?

Your shop/company will be mentioned in the giveaway post –> giving you backlinks and thus improve web traffic to your website. Participants of the giveaway contest are required to visit your (sponsor) website –> giving you precious traffic and exposure. One or more lucky participants get to win something.

How to submit your giveaway?

Sponsors wanting to offer giveaway/s should contact me by EMAIL HERE mentioning the following:

1. Name of the giveaway they are offering and how much. (minimum value of $10.00)
Example: 1 pair of earrings of winner’s choice (valued at $30.00)
2. Main URL of the sponsoring company.
3. Requirements: link to the sponsor’s site, specific text links to be used, if any
4. Shipping option: Worldwide or US only. As a sponsor, you are expected to pay for the shipping charges as well! But that should not limit you from offering your giveaway to selected countries only. As our readers are from all over the world, I would prefer if the sponsors can ship internationally.
5. Any other information you would want to include.

So how do I do it?

• I run the giveaways for a period of time eg 1 week.
• A winner is drawn at random using
• Readers are required to visit the sponsor’s site and leave a comment saying something about the site. (Mentioning their favorite, etc)

Sponsor a giveaway now!
Let’s not wait! Sponsor a giveaway now and increase traffic to your website!