Stylish Stringed Jewelry Projects with Accu-Flex

If you want to create a handmade jewelry fast, stringing technique is the best way to do it! Not only that it is easy, it is also suitable for all skill levels, even a novice in jewelry making can do it. Now, there are a lot of stringing materials you can use for your stringed jewelry projects, but today, we’ll be talking about Accu-Flex.

Accu-Flex is a professional-quality beading wire that is strong, flexible, kink-resistant and easy to knot and crimp. It utilizes an advanced wire-bundling technology, resulting in increased strength and durability that it can hold large beads and pendants. You will also don’t have to worry that if you use large beads the wire will loose its shape. Accu-Flex is flexible enough, maintaining a nice drape.
Accu-flex carries a lot of different material finishes, sizes and strand count and colors. Surely, you’ll be enthused to create a stringed jewelry project now!

Here are some stringed jewelry projects you can try with Accu-Flex!


The featured design is right on the mark with current color trends with its eye-catching shades of purple, green and yellow for a perfect spring-like look and feel. This jewelry set will add a bounce to your step and an uplifting style statement to any outfit or occasion. Wear this set with all shades of pink, white, denim or black for a stunning fashion statement. The necklace works well with V-necklines, scoop necks or high necklines, and the dangle earrings are best showcased with hair pulled back to show off their everlasting elegance. The necklace includes a magnificent beaded architecture of Swarovski montées and Swarovski crystal pearl beads. They are brilliantly incorporated into a centerpiece design using Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire and a spacer bar component for a visually-engaging result.
This design calls for a celebration with its sparkling Celestial Crystal golden champagne beads that catch the light and sparkle endlessly. Celestial Crystal beads are exclusive to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads and are known for their soft, understated elegance. Their faceting reflects lively highlights and colors and the stringing pattern of the same beads in different shapes and size is visually intriguing. The materials in this design are exquisite, including the enchanting purple-green shade of Swarovski’s iridescent purple crystal pearls, the sparkling Swarovski crystal vitrail light rivoli chatons and the light-catching Swarovski crystal spacer bars. The gold-plated bead caps add decorative detailing to the piece and frame the luxurious-looking crystal pearls. Symbolizing endless love, the infinity symbols in this design add special meaning and heartfelt sentiment to the piece. The unique characteristic of this symbol is that it has no beginning and no end. This jewelry set can be gifted and marketed as a way to show an everlasting romantic love, enduring friendship and other unending love and support such as a mother-daughter bond.

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