Steps How to Start a Home-based Jewelry Business

Hello, jewelry making enthusiasts! I found this interesting ebook on ‘How to Run a Home Based Jewelry Party Business for Fun and Profit – A Step-by-Step Action Plan for Building your Dream Business” by Lorri Ely.

 Lorri Ely is a Jewelry Designer, Business Owner, and the creator of Several years ago, she stumbled almost by accident upon how to turn her jewelry hobby into a great profitable business. Along her journey, she read countless books about business, crafting, sales and marketing, and technology that she could apply all of the information and techniques to her own fledgling jewelry business. Over the years she spent thousands of dollars investing in her business and trying new things, and through trial and error she learned a lot of important lessons and gained invaluable experience. Now, for the first time ever, she compiled everything she learned into one comprehensive book.

In this complete guide, Lorri is sharing all her proven tips, techniques, and secrets on how you can make your own business profitable and successful.

This amazing book is divided up into 5 comprehensive sections:

Section 1 – Getting Started

Step 1 – Your Reasons for Starting a Business

Step 2 – Establish Goals and Objectives

Step 3 – Is a Jewelry Business the Right Fit for Me?

Step 4 – Setting and Managing Expectations on your Time

Step 5 – Identify Your Customers

Step 6 – Identify your Products

Step 7 – Competition, Supply & Demand

Step 8 – Pricing Strategies


Section 2 – Business Operations and Legal Issues

Step 9 – Maintaining Records

Step 10 – Identifying Startup Costs

Step 11 – Planning to Pay Yourself

Step 12 – Projecting your Income

Step 13 – Business Legal Structure

Step 14 – Business Name

Step 15 – Handling Taxes

Step 16 – Business Licenses, Certificates, and Restrictions

Step 17 – Business and Personal Insurance

Step 18 – Credit Card Processing

Step 19 – Building an Online Presence

Step 20 – Protecting your Business

Step 21 – Writing your Business Plan


Section 3 – Sales and Marketing

Step 22 – Building Client Relationships

Step 23 – Create Marketing Materials


Section 4 – Having a Successful Jewelry Party

Step 24 – Recruiting Party Hosts with Incentives

Step 25 – Design Great Party Invitations

Step 26 – Party Preparation

Step 27 – Party Refreshments

Step 28 – What to Expect During the Party

Step 29 – New Jewelry Party Formats

Step 30 – Post Party Tasks

Step 31 – Growing your Business


Section 5 – Additional Helpful Information

Inspiration – Where to find new Design Ideas

Suppliers List


If you are interested in this book, CLICK HERE to get started right now on your jewelry party business!

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