Step by step tutorial for wired bangle Part 2

This is the second post for how to make the wired bangle. See the previous post here.

10. Now we are ready to form the second and subsequent row of the round beads. To create new row, repeat step 3-8. Whenever you are forming the new rows, you need to push the existing rows towards left side so that you have sufficient space to create 8 rows of beads.

11. Repeat the steps until you have approximately 8 rows of beads. Once this is completed, push the beads towards to middle of the bangle.

12. Now we are getting ready to complete the bangle. At one end of the bangle, let’s trim the wires by leaving the 2 wires at the side to be shorter than the 2 at the middle.

13. Now form spirals for the 2 wires on the right. The spirals are facing downward.

14. Now make 2 more spirals at the other end where the spirals are facing the opposite direction from the first 2.

15. Before you proceed, use a mandrel to form a circle to shape for the bangle. The size of the mandrel should suits the size of your hand.

16. Now let’s form another 4 spirals at the other end of the bangle.

17. Now the bangle is ready to be worn!

Hope you will enjoy making it!

If you prefer to read the full tutorial in pdf format, you can get it from the link here.


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