Steampunk Jewelry Supplies Collection and Tutorials

When I see steampunk jewelry, it reminds me of Star Wars due to its Science fiction characteristics :). Steampunk jewelry is a mixture of Science, fiction, Victorian and apocalyptic era using hardware and gadgetry as its materials.

The genre started from 1800 to 1900’s using themes from inventions, discoveries, explorations, time travel, Victorian style and steam-powered engines and technology.

The Victorian Era uses chains, cameos, velvet, filigree, photo frames and lockets and many others that inspires the Victorian era. For explorations, time travels and discoveries steampunk uses clocks and keys then add gadgetry and engines, like the most popular, gears and hardware parts. You’ll be surprised you can have use for your antique jewelry as well.


Wanna try your hands on making Steampunk jewelry? Start collecting your materials now!

50pcs/lot Vintage Metal Zinc Alloy Small Clock Steampunk Charms 60pcs 18mm Two Colors Fashion Vintage Zinc Alloy Thick Steampunk Gear 18pcs/lot Steampunk Clock Charms
12pcs/lot Vintage Metal Steampunk Clock Charms 40pcs 25mm Two Colors Plated Vintage Metal Zinc Alloy Steampunk Gear 10pcs/lot Vintage Metal Steampunk Swallow Clock
15pcs/lot Antique Silver Clock Charms 200Pcs/lot 12mm Vintage Small Steampunk Gear 50pcs/lot 18x21mm Antique Metal Zinc Alloy Trendy Clock