Square Shape Jewelry Designs and Tutorials

Square Shape Jewelry Designs and Tutorials

One of the popular shapes in making beaded jewelry the “square.” In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, you will be inspired by designers AdivaJewels, Kiki’sBeadArts and AsszaJewelrymania using the square shape in their tutorials. With 3 tutorials featured, you will learn how to use the shape either as a solo square or multiple squares connected to each other. 

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Here’s a sneak peek of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #79

Here’s what you’ll learn with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #79!

Meet our Contributors!

Adina Vaida

Hi! My name is Adina Vaida. I live with my family in a beautiful city on the Romanian seaside. I fell in love with beading many years ago when I first saw a piece of beadwork. I knew then what I would do for the rest of my life. Read more…

Assza Jewelrymania

I’m the leader of a local beading team and as a volunteer, I teach them who are interested in beading. I pay close attention to the high quality of my pattern. I’m always trying to draw my illustrations to be clear and easily understandable. Beading jewelry design is my life, not just my work. Read more…

Krisztina Szegediné

About 10 years ago I found the beads as a hobby. After learning beading techniques for years I started making my own designs and lately dedicate most of my time to crafting. I became a passionate beader and jewelry designer. Read more…

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