Spacer Beads Jewelry Making Materials: Your Life Savers

Sometimes we experience when we’re making jewelry with a limited number, style or color of beads we find it difficult to accomplish the design that we’d like to create. In my experience, sometimes I really like a certain color but couldn’t come up with the right length because I lack the number of beads needed. This is where spacer beads jewelry making materials become my life savers! Spacer beads are really helpful to fill up the required length plus it adds an extra design to your jewelry. We sometimes tend to forget about spacer beads but they are really helpful!

Here is a video from houseofgemsonline about different kinds of spacer beads and how you can use them and incorporate in your jewelry design.

Now, try these sparkling spacer beads with crystals and zircons to add shine and extra elegance to your jewelry design!

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