Silver and Gold Beads for Jewelry Making

Sometimes when I see unique beads various ideas of jewelry designs come to my mind so I find it helpful to go window shopping, not for a specific shape, size or type of beads, but whatever my eyes will find unique and beautiful. When I see pieces that bring a spark to my creative mind, instantly, I am creating a jewelry piece with my imagination.

Today, we’ll bring to spotlight metal beads in silver, gold and uniquely shaped that might give you ideas to what your next jewelry project will be.


Zirconia Loose Hollow Beads Double Hole Big Beads Dia 7.5mm Round Baseball Copper Bead
Big Hole Alloy Beads Antique Silver Flower Charm Metal Iron Large Bead
Constellations Beads Metal Big Hole Beads Antique Silver Curved Tube

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