Shop Stylish Clasps For Your Handmade Jewelry Making

When it comes to jewelry making, it is not enough to use the best quality, the most beautiful, elegant and sparkly crystals, beads and gems. One must also know how to use and incorporate the right clasp to achieve that professional look and complete a piece. As a stunning focal piece or a hidden closure, clasps are an integral part of nearly every bracelet and necklace design. Shop stylish clasps for your handmade jewelry making! Choose from barrels, lobster claws magnetic, multi-strands tab locks toggles and more in a variety of materials.

Toggle Clasps Decorative toggle clasp in pewter (tin-based alloy) is a budget-friendly alternative to precious metal. Made in Israel, the single-sided clasp is plated with antique copper and can be used as the focal of a necklace or to complete a themed design.

Hook Clasps Made from corrosion-resistant “pewter” (zinc-based alloy) to make a long-lasting addition to any jewelry design. The antique brass plating adds the look and allure of aged precious metal at an affordable price.

Box Clasps Filigree-style oval clasps for double-strand projects open with one touch push bottom backing. Secure, long wearing and lightweight with antique gold-plated brass for the look of precious metal.

Lobster Clasps Give designs heart with these customer-requested open heart lobster claw clasps. Large trigger makes it easy to open and close. Each clasp is machine-made for consistent shape and given a silver finish for precious metal appeal. Loop is 2.5mm to accommodate a wide range of cord, including leather.

Magnetic Clasps Finish multiple strands of leather and other cording in a stylish way with this sunflower magnetic clasp. Just glue in the ends with your favorite jewelry adhesive. Standard magnetic strength.

Springing Clasps Secure, strong and beautiful–with plenty of shine! Heavy springring clasp includes attachment rings on either side for a professional finish. Larger size is ideal for hand mobility issues. Spring mechanism is made of stainless steel for added strength.

Slide Lock Clasps Plated brass slide clasps in silver finish are easy to open and close with a strong, self-latching inside lock.

Screw Clasps End jewelry designs with gold-finished brass clasps. The machine-cast brass clasps have consistent size, shape, finish and functionality.

Twister Clasps Gold-plated brass twister clasp lets you turn a long, single-strand necklace into a choker in one simple step. Simply loop each end of the single-strand necklace through the twister clasp, and close the clasp. Braided oval style comes with a safety latch for additional security. With quality plating for long-lasting wear, clasp is machine stamped and cast for consistent size and shape.

Alligator Clip Clasps Add a fun touch to your jewelry using this alligator clip with a bumblebee design. This versatile component can be used as a traditional clasp or as a clip for accessories. Clasp features a large loop suitable for multi-strand designs, large cord or leather.

Snap and Button Clasps Swarovski crystal buttons for jeans can be used exactly the same way as standard buttons while adding signature Swarovski sparkle to jeans or jewelry-making. These incredibly versatile, easy-to-use foil back components consist of a silver-finished brass button casing with set crystal and button back with nail point. No sewing required, the buttons are securely set to fabric using the Crystal Applicator™ tool and button die attachment set.

Leather Clasps Hook-style clasp adds a secure finishing touch to jewelry designs. Glue-in end caps accept multiple strands of leather, thread, round cord, flat cord and other stringing materials.

Happy jewelry making and ciao!