Samantha Zinnel

I am Samantha Zinnel, a simple at home mom in Huntsville, Alabama. I have been doing jewelry since 2004. I make all kinds but my passion is Chainmaille and Rubbermaille.

I became fascinated with it when I was in my teens. My family would go to Renaissance Festivals in Atlanta twice a year. I made jewelry all my life for family and friends, I was brought up on the principle of “I can make that.” So I am completely self-taught. I didn’t start to think of selling it until I was encouraged by them. Since my passion is chainmaille, I began teaching myself.

The books were my own personal guides and tutorials I made for myself. I had a doctor put me on a medication that killed my ability to keep a thought in my head and I was losing my memories. I took myself off that medicine but it left some residual CRS (Can’t Remember S***) behind and it was permanent. I got tired of forgetting all the weaves and started documenting them as well as all my contacts for supplies. I had them with me at an artist’s market and customers began asking about my books. Before I knew it I had orders for the books before they were done. It took me a year to make them and the information presentable; by my standards they were rough, but people wanted them. They did not want to wait for me to 3D render of the tutorials. So I bought a mess load of ink and paper and began printing. I have a learning disability and so although I proofread them over and over there are still clerical errors and I stink at photography, but you can see what you need to and that is what counts I hope. (I just do pdf releases now, all that printing broke my printer LOL).