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Pick, Pin & Win WINNER!

Congratulations to MS. JOANNE MARTARANO who won the Whirlybird Cabochon Chain Maille Jewelry Making Tutorial! Read more…

FREE Cat’s Eye Bracelet Jewelry Making Tutorial

Here is a tutorial perfect for anyone who likes to have a classy bracelet in just minutes! With this tut, you’ll learn how to create a simple unit of beads, link them together and have an accessory in an instant. Read more…

FREE Elegant Beaded Ring Making Tutorial

Celebrities are trend setters indeed. We often look after what they wear from head to toe and buy top brand clothes line they endorse. Aside from this, who can shy away from the glittery and fab jewelries famous celebrities wear? Read more…

How to Wire Wrap Bail Pattern

Our friends are asking for another tutorial on how to Wire Wrap Bail. This simple Bail, formed from a single piece of wire is easy to make and very versatile. It can be used for any top drilled stone, donut or as the finishing touch for a pendant. Read more…

Beading Projects: Beaded Rings

If you’re a beginner and want to learn making handmade rings, here are cute and fancy beaded ring designs that’s a great startup for making handmade jewelries! Read more… recommended jewelry making video tutorials

Beading4perfectionists : A bezel for an Oval 18x13mm Swarovski. Ring beading tutorial – Watch here…

Lattice Beaded Bracelet Tutorial – Watch here…

Simply Squares Beaded Earrings – Watch here… recommended jewelry making tutorial from Beading On A Budget

Woven Copper Solitare Bead Ring Tutorial

You can make this beautiful wire wrapped artisan ring.The PDF Tutorial will be emaied to you. The instructions are in color and step by step easy to follow. Visit store here…


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