Right Angle Weave, Peyote and Bead Loom Beading Techniques

In this issue of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine, we’re bringing you 3 beading tutorials using Right Angle Weave, Peyote Stitch and Bead Looming beading techniques. You will find these beading techniques versatile and fun to learn! Right Angle Weave and Peyote Stitch are versatile techniques that are easy to incorporate to other beading techniques that can create many forms and designs, while bead looming technique is fun to learn! With bead looming you can create vast designs for bracelets.

Happy Jewelry Making!

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Here’s what you’ll learn with DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #84

Meet our Contributors

Debbie Patel

Hi, I’m Debbie. I’ve always loved crafts and always will. My favorite is beadweaving. I’ve discovered that I can share my love of jewelry making through tutorials. Making new designs fuels my soul and satisfies my need to create and be productive. There is no better feeling than seeing the smile of someone who receives an original handcrafted piece of jewelry. My beading tutorials make this possible! Read more…

Krisztina Szegediné

My favorite beading techniques are peyote and loom, but I like experimenting with beads. I found inspirations from several parts of the world, so I was touched by many cultures. I am originally a Hungarian from Central Europe. I lived in California and Sweden for some years, so I got inspired by both the Native American and Nordic culture. Read more…

Patrizia Pirazzi

I am Patrizia and I like to create bijoux. Since I was a child, I have revealed a particular attitude for all the manual arts. I was 6 when I asked my grandmother to teach me how to knit. I love everything that allows me to express myself. I love the colors and especially, in the art of weaving I am conveying my fantasies, thus freeing my positive energy towards the world. Read more…

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