TOHO Demi Round Bead 6/0 Matte-Color Dark Copper 2.5-Inch Tube


TOHO Demi Round Beads
Size: 6/0. Hole Size 1.5mm
Sold in Tubes. Each tube includes approximately 150 beads.
Place Of Origin Japan
Color: Matte-Color Dark Copper
This seed bead is a thin-cut complement to the traditional TOHO round seed bead, featuring the same hole size and diameter as its round counterpart! They work wonderfully in popular stitches, with exciting and innovative results. The 6/0 Demi Round works up quickly in projects thanks to the larger size, but still provides a smaller and finer feel. Combine this size with 8/0 and 11/0 Demi Round seed beads for fantastic results.

1000 in stock