Preciosa Czech Glass 4x8mm Pink and Purple Piggy Bead Strand by Raven’s Journey


Preciosa Czech Glass 4x8mm Piggy Bead by Raven’s Journey
Features 2-Hole. Hole Size 0.8mm. Diameter 8.5mm, Length 3.5mm
Sold by the Strand. Each strand Includes approximately 25 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.
Place Of Origin Czech Republic
Color: Pink and Purple
These circular beads feature a slightly cupped dimension for a domed look. One stringing hole is located in the center of the bead and one is off-set to the side. Each bead looks like a little pig snout. Use these beads in bead weaving or stack them together to add unique style to your looks.

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