Miyuki 2.5×4.5mm Gold Duracoat Galvanized Berry Bead 8g Bag


Miyuki Berry Beads
Size: 2.5×4.5mm
Sold in 8g Bags. Each 8g package contains approximately 208 seed beads.
Place Of Origin Japan
Color: Gold Duracoat Galvanized
Radiant golden color lights up these Miyuki berry beads. These beads feature a small peanut shape with a stringing hole through the center of the shape. These beads have a metallic golden yellow color that would complement fiery tones well and would contrast nicely with navy blue. These beads look amazing when strung because they nest together, displaying an interlocked effect. They also work well when creating beaded beads. Use them in seed bead embroidery and weaving projects for added dimension. Duracoat is a clear coating that is thicker and stronger than the traditional coating. Before use, please consult our Miyuki color durability chart.

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