Matte Opaque Cream Miyuki Glass Delica Beads 6.5g 11/0 DB762


Brand: Miyuki
Style: Size 11/0 Japanese Glass Delica Beads, tubular shaped
Size: 1.6 mm Bead With a 0.8 mm Inner Hole Diameter, Size 11/0 (there are 17-22 beads per linear inch
Quantity: 1 tube of 7.2 Grams (Approximately 1440 beads)
Color: Matte Opaque Cream (DB762)
Brand: Miyuki Style: Delica Bead, tubular / cylindar shaped. Size: 11/0 (there are 17-22 beads per linear inch) – Size: 1.6 mm Bead With a .8mm Inner Hole Diameter Quantity: 1 tube (Approximately 1,440 beads per tube) Great uniformity of beads. Use for african helix, brick stich, peyote stitch and square stitch Disclaimers: 1) Color refers to that name used by the manufacturer for that item and not a gemstone 2) The photograph may not clearly reflect the exact color as listed due to the camera, the lighting and other factors such as your screen settings. Color: Matte Opaque Cream (DB762)

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