Lustrous White Cultured Keishi Pearls 5-7mm/16 Inch Strand


As our pearl importer explained it to us, Keshi pearls have been put back into the mollusks where they grew for an additional natural coating of nacre.
This means that, while tending toward the irregular or baroque in shape, these pearls have a superior quality lustre, with many highlights in the pink range, and some gleams of gold and green.
These unusual exquisite pearls will look great in your jewelry.
We recommend stringing these on Fireline thread or Soft Flex beading wire .014, or knotting on size 2 or 4 Griffin silk.
These are flat and strung through the center, so they nestle against one another. Make quick earrings by threading 6-8 pearls on a 24 gauge headpin and suspend from an ear wire.
Measurements: Approximately 5-7mm long (along string), and approximately 5.5-7.5mm across.
Measurements of natural pearls are approximate and may vary by .5mm.
Temporarily strung, 16 inches of pearls

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