Jeweler Starter Kit Jump Rings Anodized Aluminum 3/8 16g


Anodized Aluminum Jump Ring Kit.
Approximate rings per order: 900
Kit includes 8 colors of anodized rings and 1 selection of bright aluminum
Jeweler Starter Kit Bright Anodized Aluminum permanently colored (not a paint or cheap coating)! 900 High Quality 3/8″ ID 16 gauge SAW CUT Aluminum Jump Rings, clean saw cut for no burrs! 3/8 is the Inside Diameter of the ring, 16 gauge or .062″ aluminum is the width of the wire used! 8 colors of 100 each in anodized colors and 100 bright aluminum jump rings! Case pictured included, Colors in kit are Brown, Pink, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, no substitutions as kits are already made! These are saw cut rings for a perfect circle when closed making the seam virtually invisible!

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