Czech Glass Matte Turquoise with Rainbow Finish Laser-Etched Briolette Spiral Design Bead Strand by Raven’s Journey


Czech Glass Briolette Beads
Brand Raven’s Journey
Dimensions 12.0 x 10.8mm, Hole Size 1.0mm
Sold by the Strand, Each strand includes approximately 12 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.
Place Of Origin Czech Republic
Color: Matte Turquoise with Rainbow Finish Laser-Etched
You’ll love the refreshing style of these Czech glass beads. These beads feature a flat teardrop shape that you can dangle in designs. The stringing hole is drilled through the tapered top, so it will dangle when strung, or you can use it as a charm with a jump ring. These beads are versatile in size, so they will work in all kinds of projects. They feature a laser-etched design on both sides of each bead, which creates a spiraling nautilus pattern. They display matte turquoise color, while the spiral pattern has a subtle iridescent sheen

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