Czech Glass Kite Beads, 2-Hole Elongated Diamond Shaped Beads 9x5mm, 9 Grams, Metalust Aqua

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Czech Glass Two-hole Kite Beads
Material: Pressed Glass
Measurements: 9mm long and 5mm wide with two parallel holes
Quantity: 9 gram tube (approximately 40- 45 beads, depending on the bead finish)
Color: Metalust Aqua
These Czech glass beads have an elongated diamond shape / kite shape and measures 9mm x 5mm. It features two parallel stringing holes for more design possibilities. Made of pressed glass for uniformity in shape and size. It is sold in tubes of 9 Grams, which is approximately 40-45 beads. Color: Color: Metalust Aqua Blue (metalust is a bright metallic luster finish)

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