Czech Glass 5x10mm Arcos Par Puca Opaque Light Green Luster 3-Hole Crescent Bead (10 gram pack)


Material: Glass
Features: 3-Hole
Sold in 10g Bags. Each 10g pack includes approximately 40 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.
Place Of Origin: Czech Republic.
Color: Opaque Light Green Lusterer
For amazing dimension in your style, try these Arcos par Puca beads. These Czech glass beads feature a crescent moon shape. Three stringing holes run through each bead, giving you endless bead weaving and stringing opportunities. Use them in multi-strand designs, use them as frames around small round beads, and more. There are so many ways to incorporate these beauties into your designs. They feature a soft green color with a lustrous shine.

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