Czech Glass 5x10mm Arcos Par Puca Opaque Green Turquoise 3-Hole Crescent Bead (10 gram pack)


Material: Glass
Features: 3-Hole
Sold in 10g Bags. Each 10g pack includes approximately 40 beads. This item is handmade, so appearances may vary.
Place Of Origin: Czech Republic.
Color: Opaque Green Turquoise
Bring color and dimension to your style with these Arcos par Puca beads. These Czech glass beads feature a crescent moon shape. Three stringing holes run through each bead, giving you endless bead weaving and stringing opportunities. Use them in multi-strand designs, use them as frames around small round beads, and more. There are so many ways to incorporate these beauties into your designs. They feature turquoise green color, perfect for Southwest styles.

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