50 pcs Czech Glass Dagger Beads Small 10x3mm Jet Black


Color: Jet Black (23980)
Quantity and Size: 50 piece pack, beads: 3×10 mm, ca 1 mm hole
Small Dagger beads are well known beads great for unique designs and creatice DIY beading and embroidery. Arranged as flowers or fringe this glass beads will add juice to your design.
Let’s start your project with Czech Beads. You will not be disappointed. The beads have a wide range of applications. Great for any DIY jewelry making, wedding centerpieces, bridal bouquet, wedding garland, beaded curation, wedding backdrop, christmas decoration, wedding props, accessories, DIY bride flower parts, embroidery, beading and many others.
We love our beads and always monitor the quality of our products. Beads are hand packed and inspected for deffects.

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