29Pcs Carving Positioner Rotary Burr Sanding Bands Locator Mandrels Woodworking Carving Hand Tools Set



Carving positioner for fixing drill grinders, milling cutter, tools, grinding machine with screw cutter can be connected directly to the rotary grinder clamp, and positioning.
Bit usage: suitable for wood, plastics and other soft materials, carving, engraving, hollowing, chamfering, slotting, reaming .
The locator is made of high-grade plastic material, milling burrs are made of high-quality steel, they are all very sturdy and durable to use.
Adjustable depth control for a precise finish.
Our carving locator is very easy to install with the rotating tool, no need any special tools.
Material: steel, plastic
Type: Wood carving tools
Grinding shaft diameter: 3 mm
Positioning device size: 60mm/2.36inch
Installation steps:
1.Screw down nut, install the woodworking cutter.
2.Install the cutter locator.
3.Adjust the milling cutter to the same plane as the locator, and remember the adjusted scale. Adjust depth according to demand.

Package Included:
1 x Carving Rotary Locator
6 x Milling Burrs
10 x Large Sanding bands
10 x Small Sanding bands
2 x Mandrels

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