20pcs/lot Steel Punches Flower Punch Stamp Set High Quality Jewelry Metal Stamping Tools DIY Craft Tool


Material: steel
Color: as picture shows
Size: approx. 4mm*70mm/0.2″*2.8″ (Diameter*Length)
Quantity: 20pcs per set
How to use:
Put the material into the plaster moldbowl
By welding machine suit or tiger skin suit before heating the mold, heating the raw material and add a little borax.
When the gold and silver to complete melt, become optimum flow state.
Use die sludge depressed quickly .
After one minute of gold and silver and other liquid solidification.
Gently tapping the plaster mold with a hammer, plaster mold until the crack.
Removed the jewelery blanks.
Wash in the ultrasonic cleaning machine, use a hair to clean the gypsum powder.
Jewelry finishing shape (chain type need to be welding)
Finally, deal with the gold drum by agate polishing machine or hand-polished.
K gold and silver with a cloth or buffing wheel hanging mill fight
Complete production of finished jewelry.
The stamp punch tools are for jewelry production process pattern, so that the texture is more beautiful appearance jewelry.

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