18pcs 0.5-3.2mm Chuck Drill Carving Locator Milling Burrs Woodworking Router Bits Hand Tools Set


Process a variety of metals (including hardened steel) and non-metallic (such as marble, jade, bone), processing hardness up to HRC70.
In a great part of the work to replace petiolate wheel, and no dust pollution.
High production efficiency, long service life, easy to use, safe and reliable, reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment.
Processing quality was good, highly polished, can process a variety of high-precision shape of the mold.
Suitable for electric grinding use and so on, speed is generally 6000-50000 r / min.
Mainly used for copper, iron, aluminum, alloys, and others medium hardness metal materials processing and surface polishing groove, it can also be used for plastic, wood, and so on non-metallic materials milling.
Single Slot rotary Burrs:
Material: tungsten carbide
Handle diameter: 3mm/0.12inch, blade diameter: 6mm/0.24inch, length: 51mm/2.01inch
Quantity: 10 PCS
Type: Wood working Tool
Wood file:
Material: HSS
External diameter: 3mm/0.12inch, shank diameter: 3.175mm/0.125inch, length:
Suitable for all kinds of jade carving, grinding, grinding, polishing, etc
Quantity: 6 PCS
Chuck clamping range: 0.5-3.2mm
Size: 22.6 * 9.3mm/0.89 * 0.37inch
Electric grinder output shaft: 7.9mm (shaft diameter)
Drill Carving Locator:
Installed at: diameter 18mm, 1.5mm pitch of interface
1.For fixing drills, milling cutters, and other tools, with electric grinding tools to use, above have screws mark.
2.You can directly installed the grinders in the locator, and then play a role in targeting.

Package Included:
1 x 0.5-3.2mm Chuck
1 x Drill Carving Locator
6 x Woodworking Router Bits
10 x Single Slot rotary Burrs

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