1/2 Pound Red Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings 18G 1/4″ ID (3200+ Rings!)


You are looking at One Half Pound of quality Anodized Aluminum jump rings for making outstanding jewelery or mail armor. These rings are saw cut by an extremely precise jewelers saw (0.008″ thick) to make perfect closings for your projects.
The dimensions of the rings are 1/4 inch(7MM) Inside Diameter and roughly 1/3 inch(8.5MM) Outside Diameter. Aspect Ratio(AR) = 5.3
The wire is 16AWG/18SWG or 1.2MM in Diameter
There are at least 3200+ rings in each half pound bag.
The color shade can vary from batch to batch so be sure to order everything you need at once if you are doing a large project.
They are made of aluminum which is coiled first then anodized before being cut. During the process a microscopic hard porous layer is created on the surface of the metal which is then dyed. Each batch does include some defects due to how they are cut. We always include extra in each half pound to account for any defects you may receive! Every ring will have an un-anodized area where the cut is made, so when you close them they should appear as a solid color.
These rings are perfect for any project you have, whether to make Chainmail armor, try out new weaves, make spectacular jewelry items or something else entirely! Aluminum is easy to work with, is light, and still quite strong! If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our seller page.

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