Product Spotlight: Toho Beads

The weekend is here! Got any ideas for a beading project or jewelry design you can spend time with this weekend? These beading supplies product spotlight might give a spark to your creative minds!

TOHO beads are precision-made Japanese beads that are among some of the finest in the world. The color and size consistency of TOHO beads makes bead weaving, looming, and stringing projects easy and beautiful every time. TOHO realizes that creating art isn’t just a matter of thought and skill, it also comes from within. They create their seed beads knowing that the designers who use them will be putting their hearts and souls into their work, and so they put that same energy into creating their products.

Most people know Toho beads only consists of the popular shape, round seed beads, but there are also some shapes that maybe, you have not tried yet. Here they are…

TOHO Takumi – These large-hole round seed beads have stringing holes that are 15% larger than traditional TOHO beads. With such a large stringing hole, you can make more passes through the bead and you also have the advantage of being able to use thicker stringing materials in your designs. Because of their hole size, these seed beads are ideal for intricate bead weaving projects. Choose from a variety of captivating colors to get your projects started with excellent supplies you’ll love working with.

TOHO Hex – feature six perfectly formed sides that will add a pop of texture and shine to any project. Hexagon-cut Japanese TOHO seed beads are the perfect size for bead weaving, looming, and embroidery. With a large hole size, they are the smart choice for intricate designs that require several needle passes. Whether you are embroidering a sweater or weaving a handbag, these beads will make your designs shine with shimmering detail. Pick from different colors and finishes to find exactly what you are looking for.

TOHO Cube – available in a variety of sizes and colors, each tiny glass seed bead is precision cut into a cube shape. This fun shape offers your jewelry an added dimension, whether you use these beads as spacers, in bead weaving, or to embellish fabric. Whether you are new to beading or a master weaver, these cube seed beads are sure to give you fantastically consistent results.

TOHO Triangle – are perfect for adding detail and extra dimension to bead weaving, looming, and embroidery projects. Add texture instantly to every look with their small stature and geometric shape. Each TOHO triangle-cut Japanese glass bead features an ample stringing hole and smooth, flat sides that reflect light beautifully. Browse our collection of different sizes and colors to use in both jewelry designs and embellishments.

TOHO Treasure – high-quality cylinder beads featuring thin walls and large holes. They allow for many passes of thread, so they are an excellent choice for intricate bead work. Use them in loom projects, peyote and brick stitch, stringing projects, and more. You’ll delight in working with them every time, as they are very consistent in size and shape, much like Miyuki Delica seed beads. The TOHO Treasure beads are available in over 200 amazing colors ready to transform your next project into a highly-detailed work of art.

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