Product Spotlight: Miyuki Seed Beads

Today, we’re going to feature some of Miyuki’s collection of seed beads. You may find it surprising, that you still have not used all of Miyuki’s collection. Well, don’t be surprised. You’re not the only one. Here they are…

Miyuki Drop Fringe – are unique in their shape and innovative in their design possibilities. These seed beads feature a teardrop shape with the stringing hole drilled through the top of the shape, so you can add dangling style to designs. Use them as drops in earrings or in seed bead embroidery for a new texture. With so many colors and finishes to choose from, you can use these seed beads in almost any project.

Miyuki Half Tila – These lightweight glass beads are rectangular in shape and feature two stringing holes. They are excellent for multi-strand designs, seed bead weaving, and more. Use them with the Miyuki Tila square-cut beads for fun, geometric patterns. Because they are extremely consistent in size and shape, you can incorporate these beads into your jewelry designs with ease. Choose from a variety of beautiful colors to complete your projects in style.

Miyuki Long Magatama – Add a little bit of dimension to your seed bead projects with these long Magatama beads from Miyuki. Magatamas display a unique shape to make your designs stand out with drops of beauty. These Miyuki Magatamas feature an elongated teardrop shape with an angled cut for extra distinction. They will add eye-catching style to any bead pattern. With so many colors to choose from, it’s easy to create something wonderful and new.

Miyuki Square Cut – These square-cut Miyuki seed beads offer a unique dimension to your designs. Miyuki seed beads are praised for their consistency in size and shape and these creative options are no exception. Browse from a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes to find the perfect ones for your next idea. These are excellent for use in ornate and detailed jewelry designs, such as bead weaving and embroidery projects. You can also try them in simple stringing styles for fun pops of color.

Miyuki Hex Cut – These seed beads feature a hexagonal cut with angled edges that allow them to capture and reflect light more beautifully than other seed beads. They sport large holes designed to make sliding a needle and thread through them a dream. Add these consistent glass beads to your collection and use them in bead weaving, stringing projects, loom designs, and more.

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