Product Spotlight: Cabochons and Settings

For making jewelry real quick, cabochons and settings are my best recommendations! But what is a cabochon?

Cabochon is a French word “caboche” which means, head. Cabochons are gemstones that are polished and shaped into, usually, round or oblong. One side of the cabochon is flat and the other side is like a dome. Cabochons can be made of glass, ceramic or a precious stone. There’s a variety of cabochon finishes. They can be translucent, opaque and sometimes painted.

Now, I mentioned that for making a jewelry real quick, cabochon and settings are my best recommendations because you don’t have to be an expert with it. All you need is a good and reliable glue, a cabochon and setting of your choice. For some that are expert in metalsmithing, they can create their own setting but ready-made setting are now available in the market that is also of good quality and design.

Let’s first get some inspiration with these video tutorials!

Now, start making your own cabochon and setting jewelry!