Playing with Color Schemes in Jewelry Making

Playing with Color Schemes

More often than not, colors define our moods.  Yellow normally envisions a bright and sunny disposition.  Red makes us feel confident and powerful.  Blue is just calm and cool.  And to think that these are just the primary colors.  Playing with color schemes in jewelry making can make us lose the blues and bring out the shine in sunshine.

A combination of two of these primary colors together can lead us to the secondary colors, namely green, orange and violet.  The other colors are tertiary colors, which are created when a primary and a secondary color is combined.

Playing with Color Schemes

Have you ever noticed how we feel like wearing yellow or orange during the summer and tend to wear more blues in winter? That is because yellow and orange and the other half of the color wheel are associated as warm colors while blues and greens on the other half are associated as cool colors.  

Having sufficient knowledge on this is a great help in starting to make the right jewelry that fits you.

In jewelry making, primaries and secondaries can give us complementary colors.  Meaning that the complement of a color is the one directly across it in the color wheel.  Say for example you want to make a fashion statement using a beaded necklace, try combining the classic violet and yellow and this will make the beads appear more vibrant and bright like those shown in the picture below. 

Playing with Color Schemes
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Playing with Color Schemes
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Playing with Color Schemes
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Making jewelry using complementary colors also means mixing warm and cool colors opposite of the color wheel. This generally creates balance and harmony.  
But as always, take into consideration the proportions because generally, it is more pleasing to the eye to have more amounts of the cool colors than the warm like in this picture wherein the green dominates and the orange become an accent. Wouldn’t it be more pleasing to the eye?  On the contrary, if you want to make bold statements, making jewelry dominated by warm colors is preferred. 
Playing with Color Schemes
You can also try and use only one color in making jewelry. Check out some of the patterns like the picture on the left on  

This scheme is monochromatic and probably the easiest to work with, using all the hues of just a single color.  This is generally effective whenever there is a mix of textures and sizes with regards to the beads and stones used.  Notice how the energy that is being projected is more calm and peaceful because of the lack of color contrast.  

Playing with Color Schemes

Normally when using a similar size and texture of beads, using the colors lying next to each other in the color wheel is implemented to create harmony.  This on the other hand is the analogous scheme of color combination.  Still most of the colors share a common shade that create comfortable designs.

Most of the colors for an analogous color scheme reflect the colors of the outdoors, the colors of mother nature.  To get inspiration, just look at the autumn leaves that fell on the ground, or the summer greens at the park.

Playing with Color Schemes
For more adventurous designs, a mix of more than two colors are used in making the jewelry like those featured in this site:

When trying to mix and match three colors, it is best to find the complement of a particular color and use the colors lying next on either side of this complement.  For example use turquoise, red, and orange for a summer at the beach feel.  But always remember not to have the same amount of each color.  It is more attractive if the main color, or the other two complementary colors would dominate.  These type of color scheme is typically referred to as the split complementary color scheme.

All that being said, just follow what you feel and continue to enjoy on making jewelry pieces with whatever color scheme you decide.

August 12, 2017

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