Pearl Beading Patterns and Tutorials

Pearls come in different colors and shapes. You can use pearls as your focal bead or you could just use pearls in your jewelry designs. There are many types of pearls that you can find at jewelry shops. I actually like the feel of pearls, when it glides over your skin, it’s just a fascinating feeling! So do you want to have beautiful jewelry that consists of pearls? Then these pearl beading patterns and tutorials are perfect for this very purpose! Come on!

The diamond-shaped weave of this beaded bracelet base is reminiscent of a fishing net that is then embellished with 4mm round beads and seed beads. This is why I have named the bracelet tutorial Caught in the Net. The beading pattern includes highly detailed step-by-step instructions in English accompanied by close-up photographs.

Two colours of 4mm round pearls intertwine in a delicate spiral in this beaded bracelet.

Here is a beautiful earring fit for a bride’s maid. The flower shaped bead serves as the focal bead, bezeled by weaving pearls. Creating the earring requires basic 8-Figure or right angle weaving technique and is fit for beginners who likes to explore basic beading handmade jewelry making.

Pearls are elegant and it gives us a feeling of richness. Pearls never go out of style so here’s a necklace where you’ll feel you’re in a heaven of pearls when worn. Cielo in Spanish means heaven and that is how I came up with the name Cielo de Perlas.

Learn to embellish a simple Daisy Stitch and create 6-petal perfect looking flowers that you can link to form a bracelet. It is easy to create the flowers separately and then later on connect, but this tutorial will not only teach you how to embellish a Daisy Stitch but it will also teach you how to continuously link while creating the flowers. A tiny clasp made from 15/0 seedbeads completes the bracelet while the all-green theme perfectly describes a garland.

This beading tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry using basic bead weaving techniques.

Learn to make an appealing embellished picot beaded cuff with flat Netted stitch and simple supplies: beads, beading needle, thread, and clasp of your choice. Netted stitch is simple to learn, but the results are spectacular! The pattern uses a method that is fun and versatile. You will want to use it again and again!

Here are more pearl beading patterns and tutorials.