O-Beads Beading Patterns and Tutorials

O-beads beading patterns and tutorials!

Level-up your beaded jewelry designs with O-beads! These unique beads are flat, donut-shaped seed beads that measure 1×3.8mm and have a 1.3mm hole. You can use O-beads as fringe, stack them as spacers  or even as links connected by jump rings. Incorporate them into your bead weaving, and so much more to add a unique flair to your beaded jewelry. Explore jewelry making using O-beads with our featured designers and tutorials!

All tutorials are presented with by step images showing each design stage. There’s something for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skill level. Images are also supported by well-written instructions to help you, not only create your own jewelry but also to understand the process. Learning the tips and tricks that our Contributing Artists has shared will help you apply them to your own designs.



Here’s a sneak preview of DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #68


Here are the tutorials inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #68!

Meet our Contributors!

Teresa Morse

Teresa Morse is a self-taught beader from Norwich, UK. She began making jewelry in 2008, quickly finding her passion for beadweaving and bead embroidery. Now she specialises in two-holed shaped beads. She has a compilation of 20 of her beading patterns in her first book, Beautiful Jewellery with SuperDuo Beads on Amazon, and a new book due to be published by Kalmbach in September 2016.

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Zvia Ben-Ami

For the last ten years, I enjoy designing jewelry, using the finest materials as gemstones, Swarovski crystals and pearls. I love to try using new materials and beads which assist me expressing my passion to create jewelry. Therefore I’m always in an endless search to find something new in the craft market. Lately, I was exposed to the new beads from the Czech Republic and some Japanese beads.

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Claudia Ionita

By day I’m an accountant, but after work, I love to do something special just for my soul and that is making beautiful little treasures like jewelry. I have started making jewelry in 2011 when I’ve discovered the handmade wire jewelry.

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Kica Bijoux

I always love to wear unique jewelry – one of a kind and with touch of the antique look. But I never could find what I want. So one day i decided to try make earrings perfect and ideal for myself… At the beginning, jewelry making was only a hobby but with time, creating bijoux became my addiction. And this is how Kica Bijoux Jewelry was created!

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Maria Arthur

After coming to the realization that lots of people have difficulty understanding beading tutorials, I created my online business, The Bead Club Lounge. My mission is to meet the need for easy-to- understand patterns.

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