No One is Never Too Old to Start Something New, like Jewelry Making

An author and jewelry designer, Louise de Beer believes that no one is never too old to start something new. Maybe this is also the reason why she continues to learn new things, new techniques, create and share her knowledge on jewelry making.

Loving all types of crafts from mosaic through to paper craft, one thing Louise cannot do is sit around doing nothing, so whenever she can, you’ll find her creating something new. Aside from being a passionate beader, Louise is also a writer.  In fact, she’s already published 2 novels, “Beyond the Darkness” and “Hidden Treasure.”

Revelation Beads started when a few years ago Louise tried designing some patterns for ‘The  Bead Book.’ She then decided to take the next step and go out into the ‘big wide world’, sharing her designs in her Etsy shop, Revelation Beads.

“To me, success is not measured by how much money you make, but by how much joy you see in another person’s face at their sense of achievement, when you have passed on your gifts and knowledge”. ~ Louise de Beer

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Happy jewelry making and ciao!

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