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At some point in time, even the most creative person go through that phase wherein we lose that creativity and couldn’t think of any jewelry design and pattern. With Gold Membership, you will never run out of jewelry design ideas all year round because every month, as long as you stay an active member, you will automatically receive new DIY Jewelry Making Magazine Issues.

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Each issue has its theme. Some are focused on techniques, type of jewelry while some are focused on materials used. We also have special issues featuring jewelry designers and authors.

jewelry making tutorials jewelry making tutorials
jewelry making tutorials jewelry making tutorials
jewelry making tutorials jewelry making tutorials


In this issue, we’re bringing you jewelry designs using Bugle Beads! These cylindrical-shaped tube beads can work wonders as accent pieces you can use in bead weaving, stringing projects, bead embroidery and more. Probably, the only bead in jewelry making that is seldom used, but popular when it comes to fringe elements. Once you use them, they can surely add dimension and texture to your beadwork.

jewelry making tutorials



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