Netting Beading Technique for Bezeling

Last week we shared you an article on how to bezel a cabochon using Right Angle Weave. For me, this is the simplest way and I use Right Angle Weave beading technique every time I bezel eighter a cabochon or Rivoli. But here’s a technique that is also easy and I’m sure you’ll find it fun – the netting beading technique!


Step 1:
String 16 beads. Make a circle and pass through the beads again forming a tight circle. Cut the end of the thread.
Step 2:
String 3 beads, skip one bead in the ring and go to the second bead in the ring. Repeat 8 times.
After you finish second row you will step up to the second bead of second row. (to the sticky out bead) as showed in photo.
Step 3:
String 5 beads and pass to the next sticky out bead in the previous row.
Step up through the highest bead (as shown in photo)
Step 4:
Take 7 11/0 and string to the highest bead in previous row. Repeat 8 times.
Put a Rivoli inside facing up.
Step 5:
String 3 11/0 and pass through the middle bead of 7.
Then you finished this row, go around one more time through all beads and step up through the bead in the previous row you’ve started.


There you have it! And from this stage, you can continue to embellish the Rivoli however you wish. Vitalija Velyviene, embellished her Rivoli with bicone crystals, seedbeads and Superduos and named it Super Color Star!

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