How to make beaded cross : Mildred’s” Cross By Gianna Lammering

“Mildred’s” Cross is now published as part of DIY Jewelry Making #64. This tutorial is written by one of our regular contributors – Gianna Lammering. Warning: this is an advanced project, you will need to master Cubic Right Angle Weave to do this project. The video below shows process to make project. For step by step instruction, do login to our member area to follow this project. If you are not a member yet, just subscribe from the link here.


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 Below is a sneak preview of what you will see from the step by step guide available in our member area.
 To start you will need Fireline. Cut of a thread 1.70m long / 60 inches. Wax your
thread. Put thread on needle.

Add to needle 2 white 15/0
seedbeads pull the beads down the thread. Leave an end tale of
about 20 cm / 8
Go back around in to both beads
Go up in the first one again,

and down in the second.


P5: Add to needle one gold 15/0 seedbead, and go back down in
the second white
seedbead again.
Go back up in the gold
Add to needle one 11/0 gold and go up in the gold 15/0
and down in the 11/0.

Add to needle another gold 11/0 and go down in to the first 11/0.
P10: Go back up in the second 11/0.
P11: Add to needle another 15/0 gold and go back up in to
the second 11/0.

P12: And go back down in to the 15/0 gold.


P13: Now we need to connect end to beginning. Turn your
piece so the 15/0 gold is on the left side. Go up in the white 15/0 on the
right side.


P14: Back down in the gold 15/0 at the beginning,
P15: and up in to the first white again.
P16: Add to needle 2 15/0 white and go down in the 2nd
white on the first row.


P17: Go up in the 15/0 gold.



P18: Add to needle one 15/0 and one 11/0 gold and go
down in the first 11/0 gold on the first
P19: Go up in the second 11/0 gold on the first row.
P20: Add to needle one 11/0 and one 15/0 gold and go down
in the 15/0 gold.


P21:  Go up 2 white
(when you continue rows you always step up in 2 white


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