One thing I cannot do is sit and do nothing, so whenever I can, I create. I am
passionate about beading, but also have many other interests. I have
published 2 novels – Beyond the Darkness and Hidden Treasure and am busy
on the 3rd one. I mosaic, play guitar, sing and also do paper craft, and in the
few remaining hours of the day, I am a home maker, mother and wife.

I have had a passion for beading and design for many years. A few years ago I
tried my hand at designing some patterns for ‘The Bead Book’ which I loved
doing. I then decided to take the next step and go out into the ‘big wide
world’, so…. that’s where I find myself now. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my
designs and making them. I intend on creating for many years to come. My
belief is that one is never too old to start something new. That is a philosophy I
have lived by. I constantly push myself to try new things, even if it is just once,
to say that, “Yes” I have done that. To me, success is not measured by how
much money you make, but by how much joy you see in another persons face
at their sense of achievement, when you have passed on your gifts and