Learn DIY Beading Tutorial from Sparkleyourway

Like most of us, we started making jewelry just like falling in love at first sight. While coming across a DIY beading tutorial on the internet, it became as a hobby, learning and honing our skills on our own, and Iona, did the same when she started back 2011.

As a child, Iona’s first passion were writing and drawing. One day, while searching for an artistic occupation, she came across some beading tutorials and was amazed how the beautiful handmade jewelry pieces were created with precision, patience and passion. Curiosity pops in and because she love the idea of having something special, one-of-a-kind things but that’s quite impossible unless it’s very expensive or .. handmade that’s when she started learning the craft of beading. After learning the first steps, she immediately came up with her own ideas and the ideas now turned into beading tutorials.

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Now, you’ll find Iona in Youtube, teaching and sharing her DIY beading tutorials! Here are some of my favorite video tutorials!

We are also privileged to feature Iona Sincu in DIY Jewelry Making Magazine. Access her tutorials in pictoral step by step for FREE!

Happy jewelry making!

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